About us

Our Company, known as Urals Scientific-Research Institute for Chemistry Federal State Unitary Company «UNICHIM & EP», founded in 1930, nowadays is one of the leading companies in the field of boron and chromium compounds in Russia.

UNICHIM is the first research facility of applied chemistry in Ural region.

Our organization includes a scientific research institute which develops technologies and «know-how» for inorganic materials production, and the experimental plant which manufactures new chemical production for metallurgy, mechanical engineering, power, electronics and transport, the military and nuclear industry on the basis of these development.

The fact that the level of our production meets world standards is proved by the export of our production to Japan, USA, China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and other countries.

«UNICHIM & EP» performs in full design works, it has the license of Gosstroy of theRussian Federationfor designing of buildings and constructions of I and II levels of responsibility and has the license for designing of chemical facilities and the objects connected to the manipulation with or storage of the explosion-dangerous, fire-dangerous and toxic substances and mixtures.

The main problematic of our organization are oxygen-free boron materials of a new generation; the need for them is determined by their unique properties: their ability to absorb neutrons, high chemical stability, high abrasive ability, wear resistance, high heat release which in necessary for solid fuels and chemical sources of heat, high thermal stability, low density which in necessary in the aerospace industries: composites for neutron protection, precision alloys, heat resisting refractory, solid greases, abrasive materials, wear proof coverings.

The amorphous and crystalline boron and boron nitride are in the greatest demand among oxygen-free compounds of boron. Under special orders the small amounts of transitive metals borides, magnesium diboride, boron carbide also can be produced.

The heat-resistant bindings for refractory materials (aluminum-boron-phosphate, aluminum-chrome-phosphate, aluminum-phosphate bindings), barium borate, zinc borate, potassium borate, lithium borate, silica gel dulling additive to varnishes and enamels and another small-scale production also is manufactured at our facility.