Pellet hardness meter IPG-1M

Overall dimensions, mm: 285х230х340

Weight, kg, not more than: 17


Pellet hardness meter IPG-1M (hereinafter - IPG-1M tester) is designed to measure the magnitude of force required to destroy the pellet when determining its static strength according to GOST 21560.2.

Field of application –production of mineral fertilizers and other sectors of the national economy that produce and use products in the form of pellets.



Technical specifications

Measurement range, N2 – 50
5 - 200  

Limit of permissible reduced

basic tolerances from the upper limit of measurements,% 

± 1
Working stroke of the punch, mm 18 ± 2 
Punch stroke speed, m/s (0.5-1.0) · 10¬³ 
Overall dimensions, mm 285х230х340
Weight, kg, not more than 17