Boron nitride powders

Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) is an advanced synthetic ceramic substance which combines a number of useful thermal, electrical, physical and chemical properties in one unique material. JSC "UNICHIM & EP" has more than 40 years of expertise in hBN production and offers an outstanding solutions to various industries.

Boron Nitride, also known as a white graphite is non-abrasive white material with a hexagonal platy crystal structure similar to graphite, but with a much higher oxidation resistance at 900ºC. Boron Nitride has a high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, high dielectric constant and chemically inertness.

Due to the range of unique properties Boron Nitride finds use in a broad range of applications such as electronics, aerospace, oil and gas, metallurgy, nuclear, ceramic manufacturing, cosmetics and other industries. 

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