Boron nitride powders for lubricant technologies

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical formula: BN

Chemical name: Boron nitride

Appearance: White powder

HS code: 28500020

Available grades: A, B, C, T

Packing: 20 kg carton drums with polyethylene inlet


Typical Values

Product Type


Tap density, g/cm3

Specific Surface

Area (BET) m2/g

Average particle size, d50 μm

Grade A

White powder,

BN min. 96%,

B2O3 max. 0.5%



2 – 4

Grade B

White powder,

BN min. 97%,

B2O3 max. 0.3%



2 – 4

Grade C

White powder,

BN min. 98%,

B2O3 max. 0.2%



5 – 8

Grade T

White powder,

BN min. 95%,

B2O3 max. 3.5%



1 – 2



Lubricants are used in a wide variety of applications. A main requirement of lubricants is to reduce the mechanical friction between moving parts.

Boron nitride powders offered by JSC "UNICHIM & EP" are suitable for lubricant technologies and can be used as additives mixed to the base-oils to improve the performance of the final lubricant composition providing the following advantages:

  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Increased performance of the lubricant under load
  • Improved dry running properties
Products Applications