On June 24-25th we were honored to be a part of the first ever Russian-Italian aluminum forum .

The forum was presented by the Russian Aluminum Association and Metef ( Mario Conserva ) as a discussion platform for authorities, market participants and experts to communicate the ways to expand the consumption of aluminum as a material of the future, as well as to find solutions to industry problems and new ways to develop Russian-Italian cooperation.

The forum was especially rich in terms of the concentration of participants -Representatives of the authorities of Italy and the EU, members of the Russian Aluminum Association, the Italian Association of Foundry Workers, the Association of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy of Italy, as well as representatives of financial circles, scientific and educational centers.

For us such event is a new opportunity to see perspectives and possible collaboration paths Italy- Russia. Being the only professional manufacturer of boron nitride in Russia we highly appreciate Italy as a potential partner.