White grafit?

Hexagonal boron nitride has a lamellar structure similar to
graphite and therefore find use as a lubricant under the name of
white graphite.
HBN is used as a solid lubricant for low or high temperatures
(max 900 ° C) or to reinforce lubricating oils or greases. Its use
more interesting is as a self-lubricating component and
thermally conductive for ceramics, alloys, resins, plastics
For example, the spread of graphite in metallurgy is restrained due to its burnout in air at temperatures above +400 ° C and interaction with metal melts. These disadvantages are overcome with the help of hexagonal boron nitride, which has a high resistance to oxidation and anti-adhesive properties with respect to many liquid metals and alloys.

Boron nitride adsorbs on surfaces subject to friction, forming a tough film that is oriented in the sliding direction.
Boron nitride is characterized by high thermal and thermal oxidative stability; it decomposes only at temperatures above 1000 ° C.
- the possibility of using for leaking units, the lubricant does not flow out and is not squeezed out;
- application in a wide temperature range;
- does not require a continuous supply of lubricant;
- low consumption;
- minimal operating costs.