Technical Data Sheet

Chemical formula: B

Chemical name: Amorphous boron

Appearance: Brown powder

HS code: 28045010. The product is under export control. Please contact us for more details.

Available grades: A, B, C

Packing: 25 kg carton drums with polyethylene inlet


Typical Values

Product Type


Average particle

 size, d50 μm

Specific Surface

 Area (BET)



Grade A

Min. 95% Boron, Mg max. 0.8%

1.0 – 2.0

> 10

Grade B

Min. 90% Boron, Mg max. 6.0%

1.5 – 3.0

> 18

Grade C

Min. 86% Boron, Mg max. 12.0%

1.0 – 4.0

> 5

Typical Applications

  • Automotive (igniter in airbags and belt tighteners)
  • Additive in pyrotechnic mixtures (flares, igniters and delay compositions)
  • Additive in solid rocket propellant fuels and explosives
  • Preparation of refractory metal borides
  • Sintering additive for SiC advanced ceramics
  • Neutron shielding in nuclear technology

Storage & safety

Storage and handling are subject to the rules in the country of use. Store in a closed container in dry conditions. Minimum shelf life 12 months if stored in original packaging and appropriate conditions.