Technical Data Sheet

Chemical formula: CrB

Chemical name: Chromium diboride

Appearance: Grey powder

HS code: 28500090

Available grades: Technical

Packing: 25 kg carton drums with polyethylene inlet


Typical Values

Product Type


Chemical composition

Average particle

 size, d50 μm


Grey powder for gritting hard face alloys. CrB2 min. 96%  

Mg max. 0.2%

Fe max. 0.5%

O max. 0.6%

0 – 250

Typical Applications

  • Gritting material for hard face alloys
  • Sintering powder

Storage & safety

Storage and handling are subject to the rules in the country of use. Store in a closed container in dry conditions. Minimum shelf life 12 months if stored in original packaging and appropriate conditions.