Boron nitride mold-release coating UNICHIM-BNE

Technical Data Sheet

UNICHIM BNE water based boron nitride mold release coating has excellent release and lubricating features for use in high temperature processes Coating can be applied on a surface by brush, or spray The coating can be applied on all types of surfaces with operating temperatures up to 600 C forming a uniform layer of boron nitride against sticking of metal and the appearance of diffusion bonds


  • Aluminum alloy extrusion processes covering of dummy block, press die, cutting tool edges, etc
  • Inert mold release agent for hot pressing sintering forging, etc
  • Covering of cast iron molds crucibles during casting of aluminum alloy billets
  • Graphite tools protection


  • Excellent release and lubricating features
  • Safety and cleanliness of the working area no open burning and decomposition gases
  • Economical consumption of the material
  • Easy to use


Color White liquid
Liquid carrier Water
Binder Polymer
Boron nitride content, % ˂5
pH 7-8
Density, g/cm3 1
Coverage area, m2/kg 13-30
Operation temperature, °C≤ 600
Vacuum / inert 1 400-
Air -

Recommendations for use

  • The coating can be applied by a brush, or spray
  • The coating must be stirred well before use
  • The coating can be diluted with water till required consistency before use
  • The coating must be applied to a clean from dust and oil surface
  • In order to avoid cracking and to provide the best adhesion, t he coating is to be applied with a thin covering layer
  • Application on a heated surface (up to 150 C) improves the result and reduces the drying time
  • When necessary, the material is reapplied to ensure proper covering
  • The covering must dry before use
  • Brushes and other tools can be cleaned with water after use

Package: 10/20 kg plastic containers

Storage and safety

Store in a dry place, avoid freezing The minimum shelf life under proper conditions and unopened original packaging 12 months

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