Technical Data Sheet

UNICHIM-BNP is a high purity material with a high crystallinity level resulting excellent lubricating properties. A narrow type grain size distribution and a high crystallinity demonstrates low specific surface area and enables to reach a low viscositygrowth at high loading levels


  • Excellent release and lubricating properties
  • High thermal conductivity and electrical insulation
  • High Purity
  • Low specific surface area

Typical Values

Purity, %> 98
Total oxygen, %< 1
Boron oxide, % < 0,2
Carbon, %< 0,1
Specific Surface Area (BET), m2/g< 10
Tap Density, g/cm3< 0,4
Median Particle Size (D50), µm5 – 8

Typical applications

  • As an additive in oils and greases to improve high temperature properties
  • A thermal conductive filler in polymers
  • A key component of non-wettable mold-release coatings for non-ferrous metallurgy


  • 5/10 kg paper bags with a plastic liner
  • 25 kg carton drums

Storage & safety

Store in dry conditions. Minimum shelf life 12 months if stored in original packaging and appropriate conditions. For additional information consult safety data shee