Aluminum extrusion mold-release coating UNICHIM-E

Technical Data Sheet

Mold-release coating UNICHIM-E is intended to protect a dummy block and a sharing blade from aluminum sticking while aluminium alloys extrusion process. UNICHIM-E is a water-based solution of active ingredients with no solids in composition, which creates a thin lubricating film on the treated and prevents aluminium adhesion. The product is supplied as a concentrate solution and should be diluted with 3 parts of water or till required concentration, depending on the type of extruded alloy and features of the pressing tools. The coating can be applied at all types of surfaces with operating temperature up to 600 °C.


  •  Excellent release and lubricating features
  • Safety and cleanliness of the working area: no open burning and decomposition gases
  • Economical consumption of the material
  • Easy to use


Feature Value
Appearance Transparent yellow liquid
Basis Water
pH 9
Density g/cm 3 1,2
Usage temperature, °C 600

Recommendations for use

  • The coating can be applied by automatic system, brush, or spray 
  • The coating must be stirred well before use
  • The coating should be diluted with 3 parts of water or till required concentration
  • The coating must be applied to a clean from dust and oil surface 
  • Application on a heated surface improves the application result and reduces drying time

Storage and safety

Store in a dry place at a temperature not lower than + 2 ° C, avoid freezing. The minimum shelf life under proper conditions and unopened original packaging - 12 months

Package: 20 kg plastic containers

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