Aluminum extrusion mold-release coating UNICHIM-PE

Technical Data Sheet

UNICHIM-PE has excellent release and lubricating properties in high temperature processes. The product is designed to protect the dummy-block and sharing blade from aluminum sticking during the extrusion process. The coating does not contain solid particles in the composition and creates a lubricating layer on the treated surface that prevents aluminum adhesion to the dummy-block.

Key advantages

  • Excellent release and lubricating properties due to the formation of heat-resistant layer on the treated surfaces 
  • No dry residue of the product during spraying / evaporation / drying, which improves the efficiency of the spray equipment (nozzle / sprayer)
  • The dry residue is easily washed off with water, ensuring the cleanliness of the working surfaces of the equipment
  • Safety and cleanliness of the working area: noncombustible product, the absence of decomposition gases and harmful fumes
  • Economical consumption of the material
  • Does not pollute the environment, harmless to human


Feature Value
Appearance Blue liquid
Basis Water
pH 8-10
Density g/cm 3 1,1

Recommendations for use

  • The coating can be applied by an automatic system, spray or brush
  • When used in automatic spray systems, the coating can be diluted with water in the ratio (coating:water) 1:1
  • The dummy-block can be coated at each pressing cycle or according to manufacturing practice
  • When spraying the coating, it is recommended to follow the following parameters: - Pressure in the system: up to 1.0 bar  - Air pressure: up to 1.4 bar

Package 10/20 kg plastic container

Storage and safety

Store in a dry place, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The minimum shelf life under proper conditions and unopened original packaging - 12 months

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