Mold-release lubricant for pressing and stamping UNIFORGE-GS

Technical Data Sheet

UNIFORGE-G is a graphite lubricant which provides an outstanding protection, release (non-stick) and lubrication performance while high-temperature processes.

UNIFORGE-G is a concentrated finely dispersed water-graphite system designed for pressing and stamping operations of products made of steel, titanium, aluminum, copper. When applied to the tool, it forms a high-quality dry separating and lubricating film, which reduces the friction and the extraction force of the forging. The product is supplied as a concentrate and can be diluted with water to the required consistency. The coating can be applied to the surface by spraying, brushing, rolling.


  • Excellent release and lubrication properties
  • Reduce equipment downtime due to coating resistance and adhesion to hot tools
  • Longer die tool life
  • Does not harm the tools and machine parts, does not leave deposits
  • Economical consumption, easy dilution
  • Easy to use, does not cause harmful effects on the health of personnel


AppearanceViscous black liquid
Liquid phaseWater
Dry residue, %25 – 30
Density, g/cm31,1
pH8 – 11

Processing recommendations

  • UNIFORGE- G coating can be applied to a heated die tool by spraying, brushing or rolling
  • The coating is supplied as a concentrate, must be diluted with a water before use
  • The degree of dilution depends on the operation. The proportion (coating: water) varies from 1: 2 to 1:20
  • The suspension should be well mixed until being smooth before use. The viscosity dilution with water
  • Brushes and other tools can be cleaned with water after use


20 kg plastic containers

Storage & safety

Store in dry conditions, avoid frost. Minimum shelf life 12 months if stored in original packaging and appropriate conditions.

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