Mold-release lubricant for continuous casting UNIFORGE-GT

Technical Data Sheet

UNIFORGE-GT release lubricant has an excellent lubricating and release properties for use in high- temperature processes. This concentrated fine water- graphite system is designed to prevent melt adhesion to the working surface of the roll during the continuous casting of aluminum alloys.


  • Excellent release and lubrication performance
  • Provides a uniform, smooth and durable film even at high dilution rates
  • Increases casting speed and productivity
  • Economical consumption, easy dilution
  • Easy to use


AppearanceViscous black liquid
Liquid phaseWater
Dry residue, %21-23
Density, g/cm31,1

Recommendations for use

  • The container with the release agent concentrate must be thoroughly shaken until smooth before diluting with water
  • During the dilution process, turn on the water mixer first, and then slowly pour the concentrate into the vortex to achieve its maximum dispersion in the total volume of water
  • Lubricant is applied to the roller by an automatic spray system
  • The speed and amount of sprayed lubricant is determined by the roll width and casting speed
  • In order to ensure the uniformity of the applied graphite dispersion, it is necessary to constantly mix the lubricant directly during the casting process.


10-20 kg plastic containers

Storage and safety

Store in dry conditions, avoid frost. Minimum shelf life 12 months if stored in original packaging and appropriate conditions

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