Protective ceramic coating UNISHIELD-BN

Technical Data Sheet


Multifunctional inorganic coating UNISHIELD-BN is a boron nitride-based aerosol spray.  The spray forms a dry greasing film on the surface and has a high adhesion, excellent separating and greasing properties when used in high temperature processes. UNISHIELD-BN protective ceramic covering is designed to protect against corrosion and prelubrication of the press dies during extrusion of aluminum profiles.


  • Significantly extends the life of the press tool
  • Reduces surface friction, great for heavy mechanical and thermal loads
  • Has high adhesion and coating ability
  • Creates a thin, durable and uniform ceramic layer
  • Dries quickly
  • Protects from scratches, scoring
  • Has high thermal conductivity
  • Prevents the appearance of defects (bubbles,scratches, etc.)


Color White
Medium EthanolEthanol
Greasing componentBoron nitride
Dry residue,% 25
Usage temperature, °C1
Vacuum / Inert medium 1 400
Air 900


  • The covering is applied to a previously cleaned surface
  • Shake the can well before use
  • The covering is applied evenly at a distance of 20-50 cm, preventing mudges
  • After spraying, turn the bottle over and press the spray head to remove any residue

Packing: Aerosol can 520 ml

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