Lubricant for stamping, forging and extrusion UNISTICK-G

Technical Data Sheet

UNISTICK-G is a cylindrical bar based on a hightemperature wax and graphite. Provides excellent release and lubricating properties in high temperature applications. Does not create deposites on the instrument. Lubricant for hot stamping of steel, nonferrous alloys and extrusion of aluminum alloys.


  • Excellent release and lubricating properties prevent the adhesion of the pressed metal to the tool
  • Reducing the coefficient of friction during pressing
  • Can be directly applied to a hot surface up to 500 °C
  • Coating durability shortens downtimes
  • Safety and cleanliness of operation area: no open flames and gases
  • Economical consumption
  • Easy to use


Feature Value
Appearance Black cylindrical bar
Flash point, °C > 500
Graphite content, % 10-20
Melting point, °C > 100> 100

Typical Areas of Application

  • Application to stamping tools in the process of die forging of steel, non-ferrous alloys
  • Application to the hot surface of the extrusion stem, the cutting blades, and the inner surface of the container, the press die before the extrusion of aluminum alloys

Recommendation for Processing

  • Lubricant is ready for use
  • UNISTICK-G is applied directly onto the hot material surface

Packing Units: 9 cylindrical bars in a cardboard

Storage and Safety

Store in dry conditions at temperatures not exceeding +50°C. Minimum shelf life – 12 months. Consult use recommendations and safety data sheet before use.

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